Christmas Gifts for Musicians – 2016

Unique musician giftsWhat Christmas gift do you buy for the guitar player who has every guitar accessory on the market? What gift ideas have you come up with for the saxophone player in your life?

Shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for the discerning taste of the musician in your life can be challenging but this year, Axe Hugger® has the perfect gift for any musician who places his or her musical instrument on a stand. The Axe Hugger® was created from a desire for convenience and a need for safety in the everyday care of musical instruments.

Some guitar stands are made with rubber padding that may contain chlorine – this can oxidize the finish of your guitar. Our solution was to create a protective cover that also transforms the entire look and feel of the guitar stand. Axe Hugger® is the only registered product of its kind on the market. Made from the highest quality materials making it the finest guitar stand cover on the market.

We have many styles and fabrics to choose from (check them out here)!

CH7A6514The Axe Hugger® works with all types of guitars and all types of guitar stands. Whether you play bass guitar, acoustic guitar, or electric guitar; whether you have a Gibson® guitar, Fender® guitar, Taylor® guitar, Guild® guitar, Ibanez® guitar or Les Paul® guitar, Axe Hugger® is the right guitar stand accessory for you. Axe Hugger® fits all guitar stands including the Standard Stand, the Ultimate Stand, and the A Frame stand.

Are you a saxophone player? Axe Hugger® works with saxophone stands too!

Browse our Gallery to see Axe Hugger® in real-life, and then get your Christmas shopping done!

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