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How to put on an Axe Hugger® – the ultimate guitar stand accessory!

1. The Axe Hugger® is made to slip over the foam rubber pads on your guitar stand.

2. The top Axe Hugger® is the shorter of the pair. Make sure cord lock is pulled all the way to finishing bead.

3. Work the end of the top right side of your guitar stand into the opening of  one of the top Axe Hugger® sleeves (image 2).

4. Work the left side of the top of the guitar stand into the opening of the other top Axe Hugger® sleeve (image 3).

5. Shimmy back-and-forth, working both sides while pulling on the draw cord. Pull both back until the whole top part of the guitar stand is covered (image 4).

6. Pull the draw cord so that the Axe Hugger® fits snug on the guitar stand (image 5).

7. Pull cord lock up cord (image 6).

8. Do the same with the bottom pair of Axe Hugger® sleeves.

Remember, the Axe Hugger® is the ultimate guitar stand accessory gift for the guitar player in your life!

Axe Hugger

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