• Musician Scott Thomas, Member of Ringside, Continues his Guitar Yarn

    Part 2 of Scott Thomas‘ yarn about broken hearts, broken backs and broken guitars. Guitar Yarn – Scott Thomas – Ep. 2 from Teddy Cannon on Vimeo. Guitar Yarn is supported by Axe Hugger® and Backstage Pass. Check out Axe Hugger® – the patented, revolutionary slip-on covers for your guitar stand cradle.

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  • Monte Pittman tells us his Road to Master Shredder

    Monte Pittman, American musician, songwriter and studio musician, tells us his road to master shredder. From the beginning with his toy guitar, how playing changed his high school experience and his L.A. push to stardom. Guitar Yarn – Monte Pittman; Ep. 1 Reg from Teddy Cannon on Vimeo. Guitar Yarn is supported by Axe Hugger® and Backstage Pass. Axe Hugger® is proud to partner with Qello Concerts. Do you have an Axe Hugger® yet? The patented, revolutionary slip-on cover for your guitar stand cradle is a must have musical instrument stand accessory for every guitarist in your life.

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  • Monte Pittman tells us why he plays guitar

    American musician and songwriter, Monte Pittman, tells us WHY he plays guitar and what it does for him. These things are what makes Monte such an amazing teacher. Monte shows off his Ray Lamontagne guitar and his prized ESP Eclipse. Guitar Yarn – Monte Pittman; Ep. 2 Reg from Teddy Cannon on Vimeo. Guitar Yarn is supported by Axe Hugger® and Backstage Pass. In addition to selling fabulous Axe Huggers® – the patented, revolutionary slip-on covers for your guitar stand cradle; a must have musical instrument stand accessory for every musician in your life – we support music and musicians.

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  • Dead & Company Guitarists Evoke the Grateful Glory Days

    By Tyler Blue (@tylerblue) The best concerts are those that transcend the realm of music. They fill you with emotion. They trigger memories from the past and create new ones to hold onto long into the future. What Dead and Company is doing right now is unprecedented. They are embodying the role of a tribute band, yet anyone familiar with their source material would be remiss to assign them that title. After years of various incarnations since the passing of Jerry Garcia, a lineup has finally emerged to carry the coveted torch. In Wheatland, CA on the second-to-last stop on

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  • Gene – Guitar Enthusiast and Teacher Talks About Guitar Damage

    Meet our new friend Gene, an awesome guy and a big guitar enthusiast and teacher. In his video about guitar maintenance, Gene talks about taking care of the finish of your guitar, especially from the damaging effects of your guitar stand. Gene has some home-made remedies for this challenging problem. We personally recommend buying an Axe Hugger® to protect your guitar and feel it is the ultimate guitar stand accessory! [youtube]ka6TwroKk7o[/youtube]

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  • Guitar of the Day – Jerry Garcia’s Axe

    1973 D. Irwin, Custom “Wolf” At the beginning of the Wake of the Flood sessions Jerry Garcia was presented with a custom guitar that would become his primary axe for some time to come. Known as the “Wolf”, this axe, made of purple-heart & curly maple, was handcrafted by luthier, Doug Irwin. One day in 1972, Garcia was in Rick Turner’s Brady Street store when he spied the axe hanging in the corner and bought it on the spot for $850. The unique construction of the infamous Wolf would shape Jerry’s sound for the 1973 tour and play an important

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  • Steel Pulse’s David A. Elecciri Jr. talks to Teddy Cannon of Axe Hugger®

    Here is a link to the full episode of our sponsored series, Guitar Yarn, featuring Steel Pulse‘s David A. Elecciri Jr. David is an amazing artist with an amazing story. Thank you to All Access Backstage, Hungry for Music, and Crux Entertainment, Inc.

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  • Steel Pulse Guitarist Yarns with Teddy Cannon of Axe Hugger®

    David Elecciri Jr., guitarist for legendary Steel Pulse, Yarns with Teddy Cannon about his gift of music, how he returns that gift and the lineage he continues to pass on. All Access Backstage Hungry for Music Crux Entertainment, Inc. [fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/23743785813/videos/10153650133355814/” width=”800″ onlyvideo=”1″]

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  • Musical Partnership with Hungry for Music!

    Axe Hugger® and Guitar Yarn are pleased to announce a special partnership with Hungry for Music. Future plans are a Hungry for Music benefit in partnership with All Access Music, and more episodes of Guitar Yarn. Stay tuned for more details!

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  • Axe Hugger® sponsors Guitar Yarn featuring David “STITCX” Rapaport of Reignwolf and MASZER

    Axe Hugger® has sponsored another episode of Guitar Yarn, produced by Crux Entertainment, Inc. and airing on Qello concerts & All Access Backstage this Friday. Our artist is David “STITCX” Rapaport of Reignwolf and MASZER. One of the guitars he talks about is from Sustainable Components. We love them! See why… [youtube]Ld0QewRaO20[/youtube]

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